Media planning

The basics of media planning include a competent approach to the creation, placement, and promotion of key messages, marketing, or political campaigns, through traditional media and other communication channels. Advertising in the media should be systematically and strategically organized and positioned to unambiguously convey the message and achieve the effect.

External PR

o External PR is an environment-oriented communication aimed at creating a good image of the company / political party/client. PR is an external image of you. The field of external PR includes: public relations, relations with the community, customers, suppliers, competition, representatives of public opinion, relations with the media, financiers, PR campaigns, and corporate advertising.


Crisis PR

o Prediction of potential crises is a basic task of crisis PR, and how the media interpret crises can significantly affect their course, resolution, or wider effects. Even those who do not recognize the importance of using public relations very quickly change their minds when they find themselves in the middle of a crisis in which they do not know who to turn to and what to say.

Organizing media events

o The organization of media events is a significant way of communication with potential clients, business partners, media representatives, etc. Messages are transmitted directly in this way, and feedback is also received from the public to whom they are addressed. A successfully realized event attracts media attention, improves your market position and leads to a return on investment.

Media performance training

o Appearances in the media are the most important instrument of strategic relations with the media. We provide training for all types of public appearances: press conferences, statements and interviews, preparation for participation in TV shows, TV duels, debates. The training is intended for company management, PR and marketing sectors and all individuals who have the obligation and need to perform in public.