The main activity of the Agency Sigma Solutions d.o.o. Banja Luka is the creation of the reputation of companies and organizations. This is a complex activity, which requires knowledge of various aspects of a company’s business. To achieve this, there are four departments in the Agency:

  • Strategic Communication Department,
  • Market and Public Opinion Research Department,
  • Human Resources Department,
  • Media Department.

The Agency employs many experts, primarily in the field of psychology and economics, but also other professions. The different scientific fields from which the members of our team come, and the different long-term experiences of each of the associates, have contributed to us to look from different perspectives at the problems we are working on and understanding them at a deeper level.

Our work is based on several principles.

  • Our programs are based on fundamental knowledge of science, which is necessary for the work of the Agency. We do not support work based on dubious theoretical approaches, which are offered through various courses, and whose assumptions have not passed empirical verification.
  • We adapt our programs to the characteristics of each of the clients. Template approaches are not an adequate response to the different needs of clients.
  • Our approach to problems is holistic and systemic. Companies are complex mechanisms, so it is not possible to change one segment without changing those segments that interact with it. Also, the company’s business cannot be viewed outside the social and societal context.
  • In our work, we respect the mentality of employees and associates. When creating a program, it is not enough to know only the basic socio-demographic characteristics, but it is necessary to consider the specifics of the mentality, i.e., how the individual and the group thinks, the limitations and capacities that result from it, and the value system of the individual and the group.

Whatever the problem, be a part of the SOLUTION.